Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye and Serena, Please have as much class as you have money

Heavy sigh... This has not been a stellar weekend. Not only did I not feel well on Saturday evening,, but today I've been assailed by the stench of stinky celebrity behavior. Jeez. My mother often said that you can't buy class. That may be so, but I am pursuing a career in teaching people how to have uncommon courtesy which may leave the door open to cultivating some class.

What is class? It is knowing when to swallow your tongue and remain quiet especially when it is not to your advantage to express your opinion. Right, Serena? By opening her mouth at an inauspicious time, Ms. Williams lost the game and the respect of many fans, even if just for a day or two. And while cursing at the judge may not diminish her skills on the court, it does diminish her as a person. I will give credit where credit is due. Ms. Williams has come a long way since her first days in the public spotlight. She acknowledges her temper and concedes that it is something she continues to work on, and unlike Congressman Joe Wilson, Ms. Williams apology was sincere and unequivocal. She doesn't strike me as a serial offender.

Kanye West is another story. This brother needs some serious anger management counseling. Dude, what were you thinking to diss Taylor Swift and complain about her winning an award for which you had no stake? May I be so bold as to ask you to sit your butt down, be quiet and enjoy the program. How embarrassing to be asked not just to leave the stage, BUT TO LEAVE THE BUILDING!!!! Dude, I say again, my face is red for you. His continual outburst about who is deserving reeks of inferiority. Not that I don't think he's talented, but he must not think so. And if he believes that the music industry is biased against African American accomplishments, the way to rectify that is not to go up on stage, inebriated, loud and bitter. Mr. West has done nothing but instill further belief in destructive black stereotypes and perhaps even implanted new ones in younger generations who may not have had such baggage until witnessing his predictable tirades.

I live in a city where crime is horrendous in both number and form. I firmly believe that violence stems from the lack of self restraint which is a pillar of civility. Instead of always telling it like it is, we need to sometimes bit our tongues and let moments speak for themselves.

So Mr. West or Ms. Williams, Joe Wilson or any other celebrity who needs help, just drop me a post and I'll be happy to assist you personally with developing some civility and class.